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Now take GOA feeling in Bihar, will not have to go for pre wedding shoot here and there

Bihar government is working continuously to promote tourism in Bihar. This is the reason that for some time there is definitely some thing present everywhere in Bihar, whose government is working to convert it into a tourist spot. In this episode, Odhni Dam located in Banka district has been developed and this place is also developing as a tourist spot. Alam is such that tourists have started coming near Odhni Dam, about 12 km from Banka city. Many couples are also coming here for the pre wedding shoot. At the same time, arrangements have also been made for water scooters for excursions in the dam. There was a time when this place was considered to be a stronghold of Maoists, people want to stay as far away as possible after hearing the name of this place. But with the passage of time the appearance of this place changed. Alam is such that now this place is crowded with tourists. The mountains adjacent to Odhni Dam work to enhance its beauty more, the temple of Mahadev and Parvati further enhances the beauty of the area, hills on all three sides of the dam which attracts the attention of every tourist.

According to the information received, every day hundreds of tourists come to Odhni Dam, guards have also been arranged for the safety of women. Tourists who come here say that such a beautiful place is very rare in Bihar, there is a need to develop this place further. There is a very beautiful spot for picnic on the hill above the dam, where many tourists work for cooking. There is an arrangement to stay here at night also. Although the work of building a hotel is left for this, it is expected that soon the process of building a hotel will be started regarding this. So that in the coming time, apart from government officials and leaders, tourists will also be able to stay. Banka DM Shuharsh Bhagat has played an important role in developing the area around the dam as a tourist destination.

On the other hand, for the feel of Goa and for enjoying the water boat, the charge is Rs 300 per person and Rs 100 for half ride, 500 for full ride for jet skiing and Rs 300 per person for half ride. At present, this facility of water adventure is being provided by a private company. For your information, let us tell you that there is immense potential for tourism in Bihar. This is the reason that the Bihar government is constantly working to take necessary steps to develop tourism. After which now Odhni Dam has also started for the people.


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