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 Trekking In Manali: A Tryst With The Best Of Himalayan Trails In 2022!

Adventurous Trekking In Manali

15 Best Treks In Manali

With trekking routes all over Manali, you can easily pick your favorite depending on the choice of location and difficulty level. Most of the Manali treks and beyond this region are once in a lifetime experiences. These treks are also popular as winter treks in India wherein the narrow mountain trails make it an absolutely thrilling experience for adventurers. Here, we have enlisted some of the best routes that will lend you a marvellous Manali trekking experience. 

1. Jogini Waterfalls Trek 

Jogini Waterfalls Trek

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Jogini Waterfalls Trek is rather a walk on the part. The short trek stretching over 3 km makes for one of the top Manali trekking places.

Maximum elevation: 6,700 feet
Starting point: Vashisht Temple
Endpoint: Jogini Waterfalls
Difficulty level: Easy

2. Lama Dugh Trek 

A campsite view en route Lama Dugh Trek on a sunny day

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Lama Dugh Trek is more of a relaxing day walk into the thick alpine surrounding the city. One of the easiest paths to walk, Lama Dugh is the ideal option to go for a trekking trip in Manali. The route takes you past Hadimba Temple up to Lama Dugh cutting through the thick forest and alpine in the way. There are no water points amidst the trek route which means you have to be well-equipped before you begin.

Ideal duration: 7 hours
Maximum elevation: 9,900 feet
Starting point: Dhungri
Endpoint: Lama Dugh
Difficulty level: Easy

3. Bhrigu Lake Trek 

Bhrigu Lake Trek

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Doesn’t the sight of horses grazing on a mountain slope carpeted in green make for a visual treat? While walking the Bhrigu Lake Trek you would traverse many such vistas. Bhrigu Lake is a glacial lake close to Manali and is one of the highlights of trekking in Manali. The Lake remains frozen for the most part of the year and it is indeed a thrilling place to trek to.

Ideal duration: 4 days
Maximum elevation: 14,000 feet
Starting point: Gulaba
Endpoint: Rola Khuli
Difficulty level: Moderate

4. Hamya Herbal Trek 

Hamya Herbal Trek

The exciting trek meanders along the vast outdoors in Manali. Hamya Herbal Trek makes a perfect opportunity to explore the vast Himalayan terrain. The place is known as a major stop for adventurers looking for a perfect trail for trekking in Manali. The trek is for those adventure enthusiasts who have a considerable amount of experience in trekking. Pandu Ropa is the place where you begin the trek as well as the place where you end the trek. Beautiful campsites and tents await you at Hamya Herbal Trek.

Ideal duration: 8 days
Maximum elevation: 14,000 feet
Starting point: Manali
Endpoint: Pandu Ropa
Difficulty level: Moderate

5. Deo Tibba Trek 

Camps erected at the campsite near Manali

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A 1.5-hour taxi ride from Manali takes you to Khanol, the base camp of the trek. Deo Tibba being one of the most scenic treks in the Himalayan region is certainly not easy to walk. Through the alpine forest and lush meadows, the Deo Tibba Trek showcases the best of Kullu Manali trekking. This trail is a must-take for every first timer as well as an experienced trekker.

Ideal duration: 6 days
Maximum elevation: 14,700 feet
Starting point: Khanol
Endpoint: Khanol
Difficulty level: Moderate

6. Beas Kund Trek 

Beas Kund Trek View

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Manali trekking can be experienced at its glorious best while walking the Beas Kund Trek. The trek that goes on from easy to moderate makes for a perfect remedy for an adventure bereft soul. The trek starts from Solang Valley and cuts through deep alpine to finally reach Beas Kund. May-October makes for the ideal time to take this trek. An ideal destination for an extended weekend from Delhi, the trek also takes you through the origin of the river Beas. With this experience, you can also enjoy the perks of camping in Manali lending you numerous memories. 

Ideal duration: 2 days
Maximum elevation: 12,100 feet
Starting point: Solang Valley
Endpoint: Beas Kund
Difficulty level: Moderate

7. Chandrakhani Pass Trek 

Chandrakhani Pass Trek

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One of the most breathtaking mountain passes, Chandrakhani offers incredible views of Deo Tibba peak, Pir Panjal, and Parbati range. As Daunting as it looks the entire spreads over the Kullu Valley region making it a prominent option for trekking in Manali. The entire trek length is 22 km with moderate climbs. This trek can be taken by a beginner as well.

Ideal duration: 3 days
Maximum elevation: 12,000 feet
Starting point: Patlikuhl
Endpoint: Rumsu
Difficulty level: Moderate

8. Hampta Pass Trek 

Hampta Pass Trek

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Hampta Pass Trek makes one of the highlights of trekking in Manali. The exciting trail of Hampta Pass charms an adventurer with its drop-dead gorgeous outdoors. At excess of 10,000 feet, Hampta Pass falls in the Pir Panjal range meandering near the Lahaul Valley before ending at Chatru near Chandratal.

Ideal duration: 4 days
Maximum elevation: 14,100 feet
Starting point: Manali
Endpoint: Chatru
Difficulty level: Moderate

9. Pin Parvati Trek 

Pin Parvati Valley

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Pin Parvati trek is one of the most challenging treks to experience which is a favorite for seasoned trekkers. This 12 days expedition gives a view of the surreal beauty and also the thrilling adventure which seems like a sense of achievement. Resting at a height of 17,457 feet, trekking to this valley is like a dream come true. While taking this adventure one can witness the verdant meadows of the Parvati Valley and also the Buddhist villages which are located at the Trans-Himalayan region of Spiti.

Ideal Duration: 12 Days
Maximum Elevation: 17,457 ft
Starting Point: Manali
End Point: Kaza
Difficulty Level: Difficult

10. Kheerganga Trek 


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This trek is located at the extreme end of Parvati Valley and is also known as the last inhabited village when traveling to Pin Parvati valley. Boasting the panoramic skies and the lush greenery, this place is a much-needed break for the people who are nature enthusiasts. Apart from that this place is also known for the hot water spring and Lord Shiva for which this place is considered a holy one.

Ideal Duration: 6-7 Hours
Maximum Elevation: 10,065 ft
Starting Point: Manali
End Point: Tosh
Difficulty Level: Easy

11. Chandratal Lake Trek 


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Considered to be one of the amazing treks in Manali which takes amidst the surreal landscapes of Ladakh. Alongside some of the famous treks like Markha Valley and the Stok Kangri, this is one of the treks which ignites the adrenaline rush of adventure junkies. This is quite an easy trek that can be experienced by beginners.

Ideal Duration: 4 Days
Maximum Elevation: 16,420 ft
Base: Chandratal
Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate

12. Bijli Mahadev Trek 

Bijli Mahadev temple

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Passing the Kais Wildlife Sanctuary, the Bijli Mahadev Trek is a treat to the eyes. The trek starts from the Kullu town for around 15 km to the hilltop from where one can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire scenery. Surrounded by the quiet valley and the surreal views, this route is lined up by the deodar and pine forests. Alongside that there are apple orchards and pear orchards at Jana village which is worth witnessing. The most fascinating highlight of this trek is the camping inside a forested ridge located at the Matikochar.

Ideal Duration: 2 Days
Maximum Elevation: 7,677 ft
Starting Point: Kullu
Difficulty Level: Moderate

13. Malana Village Trek 

Malana village

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The Malana village is the best-kept secret of Himachal Pradesh which is located at the Parvati Valley and visited by nature lovers and adventure junkies. Holding a lot of taboos, this natives of this village is also believed to be the descendants of Alexander the Great. This trek starts from Kasol and this journey of 21 km is blessed with spectacular views of jungles and rivers.

Ideal Duration: 2 Days
Maximum Elevation: 8,701 ft
Starting Point: Kasol
Difficulty Level: Easy

14. Patalsu Peak Trek 

Patalsu trek

Image Credit: Parmindersinghsandhu for Pixabay

Manali is a land for adventure junkies and enthusiastic trekkers who want to indulge in a journey of enthralling experiences. Among the Friendship Peak, Ladakhi, Hanuman Tibba and Shitidhar lies the Patalsu peak which is explored by many enthusiastic trekkers. This is quite a moderate trek route that can be easily accessible by beginners.

Ideal Duration: 4 Days
Maximum Elevation: 13,944 ft
Starting Point: Solang Nallah
Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate

15. Prashar Lake Trek

Parashar Lake Trek

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Enclosed by the Dhauladhar ranges, the Prashar lake trek is one of the best treks in Manali. This trek takes to the pristine Prashar lake which is a well-kept secret located in the Mandi district. This trek takes through the path surrounded by the forest and rivulets. Alongside that one can also explore and learn the local cultures of the villages which fall on the trail.

Ideal Duration: 2 Days
Maximum Elevation: 8,900 ft
Starting Point: Baggi
Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate

Popular Manali Trekking Camps

While exploring the mountains in and around Manali you will realize that there are not too many fancy hotels to stay. A few of those luxurious hotels in Manali are located in mainstream tourist places. Moving further into the mountains there are lesser hotels and more camps. These camps offer a picture-postcard view of the alpine and also act as a base camp for many Himalayan treks. Beas River, Solang Valley, and Kothi have some of the most amazing campsites in the Manali region.

Equipped with most of the basic amenities, these camps make a wonderful retreat while camping in Manali. Besides, you can always make your own tent at the wonderful campsites that you come across during the trek.

1. Camp Exotica

Beautiful camps of Camp Exotica in Manali

Image Source

Tariff: INR 4,900/- per person per night onwards
Facilities offered: Gymnasium at camp, washroom with geyser, wide range of adventure activities
Website | Reviews

2. Kia Camps

Tents of Kia Camps by the river in Manali

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Tariff: INR 3,000/- per person per night onwards
Facilities offered: Riverside camping, bonfire, and range of activities
Facebook Reviews

3. Tentsville

Beautifully laid out tents of Tentsville in Manali

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Tariff: INR 2,450/- per night onwards (sharing basis)
Facilities offered: Adventure activities, luxury Swiss tent accommodation, bonfire, and indoor games
Website | Reviews

4. Backwoods Mountain Camp Hamta

Backwoods Mountain Camp Hamta

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Tariff: INR 4,500/- per night per person onwards (on sharing basis)
Facilities offered: Adventure tours, skiing (winter-specific) and other mountain adventures, camping trek, and basic amenities
Website | Reviews

5. Himalayan Frontier Adventures Camp

Adventures Camp View

Image Source

Tariff: INR 3,500/- per person per night onwards (sharing basis)
Activities offered: Adventure activities, sightseeing, excursion to Rohtang Pass

Website Facebook

Duration To Reach Manali From Delhi 

It takes 12 hours approximately to reach Manali from Delhi by road. The road makes the easiest way to travel to Manali which is 538 km far. Buses run in tandem from ISBT Kashmiri Gate in Delhi.


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