These 12 Places To Visit In Manali In May Should Be Explored By Every Traveler In 2022!

These 12 Places To Visit In Manali In May Should Be Explored By Every Traveler In 2022!

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Weather In Manali In May

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The weather of Manali throughout May and June provides such a summer escapade that you cannot find anywhere else. The average temperature during this season ranges from 25 to 28 degrees while the average low goes from 8 to 13 degrees providing the ideal relief from the heavy heat. There are a lot of places you can explore during your time in Manali during this month.

12 Places To Visit In Manali In May

Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Manali in the month of May that will help you gain more insight into the charm that lies in Himachal Pradesh. Take a trip to Manali and explore the beautiful places listed below.

  • Hidimba Devi Temple – Godly Home
  • Tibetan Monasteries – Attain Peace
  • Rohtang La – Adventure Filled Trip
  • Manali Sanctuary – Witness Wildlife
  • Solang Valley – Feel Your Adrenaline Spike
  • Kothi – Amazing Trek
  • Chandrakhani Pass – Trek With A View
  • Van Vihar – Relax By The Lake
  • Jogini Falls – Picturesque Waterfall
  • Vashisht Hot Water Springs – Take A Dip
  • Mall Road – Shop Your Heart Out
  • Manu Temple – Inner Peace

1. Hidimba Devi Temple – Godly Home


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This ancient temple that is said to have built-in the 15th century is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Manali. This temple is dedicated to Hidimba who was the wife of one of the Pandavas, Bheem. Even if you are not that religious it is still a place worth visiting due to its unique and outstanding architecture and beauty. Here, at this one of the most beautiful temples in Manali, you will get to experience the real beauty of nature with snow-capped mountains in the background and lush thicket of cedar trees. All of these things make it one of the best places to visit in Kullu Manali in May. The temple is located at a distance of 2.7 km from Manali.

Location: Hadimba Temple Rd, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131

2. Tibetan Monasteries – Attain Peace

Tibetan Monasteries

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If you ask any travel enthusiasts who have been to Manali before then they will tell you not to miss out on the Tibetan monasteries in Manali. Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa and Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa are the two popular Monasteries that attract thousands of tourists and travelers every year. Whether or not you are a believer, these monasteries will be a gateway for spiritual contentment for you.


Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa – Manali Centre, Manali, Manali Tehsil, India
Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa – Pangan Gompa Rd, Pangan, Himachal Pradesh 175143

3. Rohtang La – Adventure Filled Trip

Rohtang La

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Rohtang is known to be one of the most serene and picturesque high mountains of Northern India. The name of this 13000 ft high mountain literary translates to ‘Pile of corpses’ and this is the legend that attracts tourists from all over the world. The flower-covered patches and a snow-capped mountain creates a panoramic view to melt for. During May, Rohtang is covered in snow so you can enjoy a warm cup of tea along with Maggi and simple watch time pass along with enjoying the ATV rides and snowy slopes here.

Location: Leh-Manali Highway, India

4. Manali Sanctuary – Witness Wildlife

Manali Sanctuary

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If you want to witness the natural mountain wildlife of Manali and hundreds of different trees and plant variety then Manali Sanctuary is the ideal place for you. In this protected Northwest Himalayan zone, you can easily spot animals like Flying Fox, Barking Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Kashmir Flying Squirrel, Chakor, Snow Pigeons, Treecreepers, etc. Some of the popular tree varieties of this sanctuary are horse chestnut, deodars, willows, poplar, and red rhododendrons. One of the most enriching places to visit in Manali in May, the Sanctuary will get you closer to the flora and fauna of North India.

Location: Circuit House Marg, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131

5. Solang Valley – Feel Your Adrenaline Spike

Solang Valley

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Located amidst the beautiful villages of Solang and Kund, the Solang valley is one of the most popular summer destinations of Manali. Here you can enjoy several adrenaline-rushing sports such as Zorbing, Skiing, Paragliding, Horse riding, Parachuting, etc. It is also known for being the venue for one of the most popular and loved Manali festivals – the winter skiing festival.

Location: Manali,India

6. Kothi – Amazing Trek


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Located in the middle of the natural beauty of forests, Kothi is a popular village of Manali. It is located at a distance of 16 km from Manali and is one of those places that is extremely popular amongst poets, painters, and writers as the rustic charm of this place gives their creativity a chance to be unleashed while enjoying the breathtaking view of nature. You can also take part in treks and paragliding in Manali along with several snow sports. Kothi is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in Kullu Manali in summer.

Location: Himachal Pradesh 175103

7. Chandrakhani Pass – Trek With A View

Chandrakhani Pass

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Chandrakhani Pass is the ideal location for enjoying trekking in Manali. This trail goes from Manali to Kasol through Malana and is sure to make your heart race during the challenging trek during which you can take small breaks in between in the rural hill villages amongst lush green vegetation, and beautiful gigantic mountains. At the end of the trek, you will also get to witness the breathtaking view of the Deo Tibba and Pin Parvati range.

Location: East of Katrain, Kullu 175101, India

8. Van Vihar – Relax By The Lake

Van Vihar

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With its lush and green environment, Van Vihar is considered to be a heaven for nature lovers. It is one of the most popular gardens of the region that is organized and managed by the municipal corporation. In this garden, you can also witness the beauty of a small manmade lake where you simply sit and relax.

Location: Front of the Tibetan Market on the Mall Road, Manali Tehsil, India

9. Jogini Falls – Picturesque Waterfall

Jogini Falls

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Jogini Falls is nestled beyond the Vashisht Hot springs towards the Vanshist village. Here you can get delicious mouth-watering and traditional Himalayan delicacies along with beautiful and stunning views. Tourists usually take a trek to Jogini Falls after which they can sit and relax whilst enjoying the sound of the water. One can also offer their prayers at the shrines below the falls.

Location: Vashist, Himachal Pradesh 175103

10. Vashisht Hot Water Springs – Take A Dip

Vashisht Hot Water Springs

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This hot spring is ideal for relaxation after a long day stroll. It is located on the premise of the Vashisht temple that is known for being 4000 years old. The water of this hot spring is said to have medicinal properties that can heal any type of skin disease. A small dip in this relaxing water is sure to calm you down and gives relief from tiredness. There are separate sections for men and women at the Vashisht hot water springs.

Location: Manali, Manali Tehsil, India

11. Mall Road – Shop Your Heart Out

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Mall road is one of the oldest and most popular places to visit in Manali in May. The road is filled with loads of shops that you should visit if you want the taste of Manali. The place helps in experiencing the local culture, flavors, and sight and sound of Manali. The place is filled with amazing cafes, German bakeries, book shops, souvenir shops, and shops that sell amazing wollens. Even if you are not planning on shopping in Manali, this is a great place to roam around or just sit and relax at the benches installed along the road. Some of the famous markets on the mall road are Hong Kong Market, Dragon Shopping Complex, and Snow Lion Underground Market.

Location: Main Manali Street

12. Manu Temple – Inner Peace

Manu Temple

Manu Temple is one of the must visit tourist places in Manali in May. This is a place of importance in the hindu religion as it is dedicated to the great Sage Manu. This temple is equally important amongst locals and tourists as it attracts a large number of travellers throughout the year. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Manali in May owing to its gorgeous architecture, and wooden carvings. If you are looking for tourist places in Manali in May, you should definitely keep this on the top of your list.

Location: Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131


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