Canyoning In Manali : How Much Are You Ready To Risk For Thrill?

Canyoning In Manali : How Much Are You Ready To Risk For Thrill?

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What Is Canyoning?

Canyoning is a sport that gives a pump to your adrenaline and gives you the chance to take a gaze at the sun while hanging over the cliff. It is a combination of several activities where you need to swim, jump, rappel and climb throughout the course of the activity. The entire sport is carried out with the help of professionals and proper safety equipment so it is a completely safe sport and one that must be tried in Manali!

Best Season For Canyoning In Manali

If you are planning your trip to experience the best canyoning in Manali, then you must know the right season for it so that you can enjoy the sport without any natural constraints. The best season for experiencing canyoning in Manali is the summer season when the rocks are dry, and the rivers have a low stream. The weather during this season is also warm enough for you to wear comfortable clothes and enjoy a refreshing swim after the activity. The winter and monsoon seasons are strictly prohibited for canyoning because the snowfall and rainfall can make the rocks slippery and it might prove hazardous.

3 Best Places For Canyoning In Manali

For all the thrill lovers, numerous canyoning places in Manali will allow you to experience mountain rappelling, mountain trekking, river crossing, and a lot more. So, you can enjoy a fruitful experience of canyoning in the following places:

1. Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake

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Bhrigu Lake is one of the most famous places for canyoning in Manali. It is a short lake canyoning site for the tourists who come from all over the world to experience the thrill of the sport. The campsite is located along the banks of the Bhrigu Lake where you can experience the mesmerizing beauty and the sight of snowy mountain peaks giving you a glimpse of the heavenly city of Manali. The entire canyoning tour will take you four days.

Location: Near Rohtang Pass, Kullu District
Ideal Time: Anytime between April and November

2. Vashisht-Jogini Waterfall Canyoning Trek

Vashisht-Jogini Waterfall Canyoning Trek

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The Jogini waterfall is one of the most famous places for canyoning in Manali, and it commences from the town of Vashisht. On starting your canyoning trip from Vashisht for about 3 km, you will spot the Jogini Waterfall. In this entire canyoning trip, you will explore the dense forests and take a glimpse at the River Beas and Rohtang pass. You can enjoy the thrill of rappelling down the waterfalls while you feel the freshwater from the falls splashing across your face rejuvenating your mind and body!

Location: Vashist, Himachal Pradesh 175103
Ideal Time: All round the year

3. Baralacha-Chandratal Lake Canyoning

Baralacha-Chandratal Lake Canyoning

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If you are going for canyoning in Manali, India with an expectation of mind-blowing adventure, then this is the location for you. You will commence your canyoning trekking from Chandra River and cross the adventurous locations in the path and end your trip at Baralacha or Bhaga river. The trek is 56 km long and will take 7 days to complete. It might be a bit challenging as you may have to walk through glacier waters and pass high altitude spots but everything will seem worth it once you try canyoning at the refreshing waterfalls!

Location: Starts at Chandra River
Ideal Time: Anytime between July and October

Tips For Canyoning In Manali

Here are some of the tips for canyoning in Manali that will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience during your trip.

  • Wear waterproof clothes while Canyoning
  • Carry shoes that have a strong grip so that it helps during rappelling
  • Carry extra towels and spare clothes
  • Get a pair of gloves to give you the ease of gripping while climbing or rappelling down the mountains
  • Carry bug spray and sunscreen lotion to keep your skin healthy during the entire canyoning trip


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