7 Amazing Picnic Spots Near Manali For The Thrill-Seeker In You To Explore In 2022!

7 Amazing Picnic Spots Near Manali For The Thrill-Seeker In You To Explore In 2022!

Best Picnic Spots Near Manali

Since there could be a lot of confusion in people’s minds about the destinations for a picnic around Manali, we thought we’d sort out some of the best ones that are worth visiting around. Take a look at the below-mentioned spots.

1. Hadimba Temple – 3 Km From Manali
2. Hampta Pass – 15 Km From Manali
3. Club House – 2 Km From Manali
4. Van Vihar – 2.1 Km From Manali
5. Nehru Kund – 5.5 Km From Manali
6. Kothi – 14 Km From Manali
7. Naggar Village – 21.6 Km From Manali

1. Hadimba Temple

the famous temple in manali

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Even though this is a temple, there is a lot of space around that lets you host amazing picnics with your friends and family. For those wondering what this place is, the Distance from Manali: Hadimba temple is a spot dedicated to the wife of Pandu’s son, Bhima. The most striking feature of the place is its surroundings. Given that it is located amidst the Dhungri forest, the entire place is surrounded by a wide range of pine trees and lush greenery, making this a worthy visit unlike anything else. Once you are done admiring the beautiful architecture of the place, you can sit down and host a picnic then and there.

Distance from Manali: 3 kms
Things to do: Explore the temple and the surroundings
Best time to visit: March to September
Places to stay nearby: The Orchard Greens, Hotel Hadimba Heights
Restaurants nearby: IL Forno, Southern Souls Café

2. Hampta Pass

breathtaking mountain view

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Now, not many would think of combining the trekking with a picnic but trust us, this spot an expedition does call for one. The trek is not that difficult and can be mastered by people who are beginners in this field as well. This is why hosting a picnic at the end of the trek or even during the middle of the climb accounts for the perfect activity that you need for your expedition. You can witness the beautiful sights of the Kullu Valley and Lahaul Valley, making this a breathtaking spot unlike anything else. The Chandratal Lake comes along the way and does account for a good enough pit stop in the middle as well. To be fair, you can book a packaged trek tour conducted by the locals there and the same will depend on the duration and the luxuries that you avail.

Distance from Manali: 15 kms
Things to do: Trekking
Best time to visit: April to October
Places to stay nearby: Sun Park Resort, The Himalayan Paradise
Restaurants nearby: Mani Ram Dhaba Jana, Chandra Dhaba

3. Club House

popular picnic spots near Manali

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One of the most popular picnic spots near Manali has to be the Club House. This is a multipurpose spot and you are likely going to experience several activities around, making this one of the best spots to host yourself a picnic. Apart from the picnic, the place also hosts a variety of indoor and outdoor games and activities that one can take part in. It is located near to Manalsu Nallah and is one of the most popular recreational sites near Manali. It also does have a very heavy British influence when it comes to architecture, making this stand out even further.

Distance from Manali: 2 kms
Things to do: Recreational activities, Indoor, and outdoor games
Best time to visit: April to November
Places to stay nearby: Forest Way Cottage, Apple Croft Cottage
Restaurants nearby: The Johnsons Cafe and Hotel, Southern Souls Café

4. Van Vihar

tiger view in van vihar

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Yet another one of the most popular picnic spots near Manali that is worth visiting is Van Vihar. This is perfect for a quick and serene retreat that you otherwise wouldn’t get anywhere else. Just a quick walk through the place is enough to leave you satisfied and tranquil. It is a public park, so it is open to all but make sure that you always clean up after yourself. Don’t leave a mess behind after you are done with the picnic. There are boat rides around the park too, which further adds on to the list of the amazing activities that one can indulge in.

Distance from Manali: 2.1 kms
Things to do: Boating, Nature walk
Best time to visit: April to November
Places to stay nearby: Snow Valley Resorts, The Orchard Greens
Restaurants nearby: IL Forno, Southern Cafe Soul

5. Nehru Kund

host a picnic with your friends and family

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If you want to host a picnic but also a camping night while in Manali, Nehru Kund is the perfect spot for that. It is located on the Leh National Highway and is considered one of the best laidback spots around. The natural spring that flows on the side makes for the perfect backdrop to host a picnic with your friends and family. It is located 4300 m above the sea level and is surrounded by beautiful and serene surroundings, making this a must-visit place. There are camps and tents around, which you can inquire about ahead of time for a better understanding and execution of the plans.

Distance from Manali: 5.5 kms
Things to do: Camping, sightseeing
Best time to visit: April to October
Places to stay nearby: The Highland Park, Idyllic Inn
Restaurants nearby: Cafe 1947

6. Kothi

quick getaway to kothi near manali

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Yet another one of the most serene and idyllic spots to visit and host a picnic near Manali is Kothi. It is located 2500 m above the sea level and overlooks a breathtaking view covered in lush greenery around. The view of the snow-capped peaks also makes this a place worth visiting. It is also located very near to the Rohtang Pass, further making this a worthy spot to visit and explore. This village is the perfect spot for a quick getaway and amazing if you want to indulge in camping as well. You will also find several temples around that you can further explore.

Distance from Manali: 14 kms
Things to do: Camping
Best time to visit: April to November
Places to stay nearby: The Apple Tree B&B, Burua Valley Retreat
Restaurants nearby: Hotel Sitara Royal, Al Sawa Caterer’s

7. Naggar Village

naggar village view

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If you want to spend some time in the background of natural beauty and breathtaking views, Naggar Village has to be one of the very best spots for you to conduct a picnic. It is predominantly known for its breathtaking sights of the Beas Valley. While you are at it with the picnic, there are some amazing and informative sightseeing spots around the village too that are worth visiting and exploring, especially that of the Nicholas Roerich Art gallery.

Distance from Manali: 21.6 kms
Things to do: Sightseeing
Best time to visit: March to November
Places to stay nearby: Naggar Castle and Hotel, Naggar Delight
Restaurants nearby: Nightingale, Nature Built Cafe, and restaurant


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