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20 Extreme Adventure Sports In Manali That Will Get Your Heart Racing In 2022!

20 Best Adventure Sports In Manali

Are you looking for adventure activities in Manali? Manali is a beautiful hill station that offeres visitors with an array of adventure sports. There are a lot of activities in Manali that one can indulge in on a trip here. Have a look. 

  • River Rafting – Fight The Gushing Waters
  • Paragliding – Bird’s Eye View
  • Skiing – Play Around The Snow
  • Hiking – Stroll Amidst The Nature
  • Mountain Biking – Embrace The Adrenaline Rush
  • Mountaineering – Go Beyond Your Comfort
  • Zorbing – See The World Upside Down
  • Jeep Safari – Travel With The Local
  • Snowboarding – Slide Along Chilly Winds
  • River Crossing – Challenge Your Fears
  • Angling – Catch Your Own Seafood
  • Snow Scooter – Skid Through The Snow
  • Quad Biking – Cross The Varied Terrains
  • Camping – Witness A Thousand Stars After The Sun Sets
  • Trekking – Conquer Those Mountains
  •  Ziplining – Swish Through The Jungles
  • Rock Climbing – Challenge Your Physical Strength
  • Cable Car Ropeway – Witness The Miniature Town Below
  • Rappelling – Climb Down A Rock
  • Bungee Jumping – Leap Into The Arms Of Nature

1. River Rafting – Fight The Gushing Waters

Adventurists indulging in River Rafting in Manali

Image Source

For those who wish to conquer the hard currents of water, river rafting in Manali is a must. The challenge of surviving through the wicked twists and turns of the rapids will quench your thirst for adventure in Manali. Before starting, the rafters are given a brief introduction and made wary of the lurking dangers. This is amongst the most loved adventure activities in Manali.

Adventure Level: Moderate. It can be difficult too, depending on the current and weather conditions.
Best Time To Try: Summers, specifically June
Where To Try: Pirdi to Jhidi
Cost: Starting from INR 2500 per couple
Tip: Make sure you listen to your guides closely. 

2. Paragliding – Bird’s Eye View

Tourist enjoying paragliding in Manali

Image Source

Surf along majestic mountains and get intimate with deep blue skies while paragliding in Manali. One must possess nerves of steel to make the initial jump, after all it is considerably one of the most challenging adventure sports in Manali.

Note: Amateur (accompanied by pilots), can glide for a span of 60-90 seconds, while experienced gliders, for 30 minutes.

Adventure Level: High
Best Time To Try: April to December (Only on a clear sunny day)
Where To Try: Solang Valley (13 Kms away from Manali)  and Marhi
Cost: INR 600-1800
Tip: Wear clothes that are really comfortable. 

3. Skiing – Play Around The Snow

Skiing at Solang valley near Manali

Image Source

Enjoy your snowy rendezvous with skiing, at the famous Solang Valley near Manali. One of the most sought-after adventure sports in Manali, Skiing is offered along with prior assistance and sessions. One can also go Skiing in Rohtang, Marhi, Gulaba and Dhundi, but there is a good chance that the experience of skiing in Manali will reign supreme.

Adventure Level: Moderate
Best Time To Try: January and February
Where To Try: Solang Valley, Rohtang, Marhi, Gulaba and Dhundi
Cost: INR 300 onwards
Tip: If its sunny, wear sunglasses. If its cloudy, wear goggles. 

4. Hiking – Stroll Amidst The Nature

Hikers in the hills of Manali

Image Source

Amidst a vast assortment of adventure trip in Manali, Hiking allows to soak in the beauty of serene landscapes. Also, Hiking provides a perfect opportunity for availing the experience of camping in Manali. 

Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate
Best Time To Try: May to October
Where To Try:

  • Manali – Chandertal – Deo Tibba Base – Manali
  • Manali – Beas Kund – Solang Nallah – Manali
  • Manali – Naggar – Malana – Manikaran – Manali
  • Manali – Batal – Chandertal Lake – Baralacha La – Manali
  • Pin Parvati Pass
  • Great Himalayan National Park

Cost: INR 5600 onwards per couple
Tip: Choose the trail that fits best with your fitness level.

5. Mountain Biking – Embrace The Adrenaline Rush

A cyclist biking in the hills of Manali

Image Source

Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, as the wind swooshes past your ears and the bicycle fires your muscles. Biking through the raw tracks of Manali’s hills requires a skilled handling of bicycle and a sound experience of cycling on rough mountain tracks. Enjoy climbing uphill, and then downhill cycling in Manali.

Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate
Best Time To Try: All year round
Where To Try: Manali – Rohtang Pass – Baralacha La Pass – Lachalangla Pass – Tanglang la – Khardung la – Manali
Cost: INR 6000 onwards
Tip: Stay loose. Do not have a firm grip. 

6. Mountaineering – Go Beyond Your Comfort

Mountaineers in Manali making their way through dense snow

Image Source

If scaling heights ranges high on your priority list, Manali is your answer. Before taking on the heights, basic lessons are provided to mountaineers regarding the equipment, so that they can easily face difficulties that might come in the way. Starting from rock-climbing and altitude-climbing, everything is covered under mountaineering done at Manali.

Adventure Level: Moderate to Difficult
Best Time To Try: All year round except monsoons
Where To Try: Beas Kund, Hanuman Tibba, and Deo Tibba, Manali Peak
Cost: INR 3000 onwards
Tip: Make sure that your shoes are not slippery and extremely comfortable. 

7. Zorbing – See The World Upside Down

A person indulging in Zorbing in Manali

Image Source

Adding another feather to the list of  Manali adventure sports — Zorbing — will provide you a view of a world turned upside down.  So get ready to be Zorbed, wrapped inside a giant rolling ball, while you indulge in Zorbing in Manali and defamiliarize the familiar.

Adventure Level: Easy to moderate
Best Time To Try: January to May; October to December:
Where To Try: Solang Valley
Cost: INR 500 per person
Tip: Make sure you control the zorbing ball. 

8. Jeep Safari – Travel With The Local

A Jeep on a narrow lane of Manali

Image Source

Considered as one of the best adventure tours, Jeep Safari allows travelers to scale through the highest mountain peaks and enjoy the magnificence. Through Jeep Safari, one gets to enjoy a close experience of actually living in the mountains.

Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate
Best Time To Try: June to September
Where To Try: Manali – Tsomoriri Lake
Cost: INR 15,000-20,000 onwards
Tip: Do not get out of the moving jeep. 

9. Snowboarding – Slide Along Chilly Winds

adrenaline junkie

One of the famous adventure sports in Manali is snowboarding. It is similar to skiing but takes place from a comparatively steeper hill or mountain. It is an extremely thrilling sport, loved by adventure seekers.

Adventure Level: Difficult
Best Time To Try: January to March
Where To Try: Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley
Cost: NA
Tip: Practice and practice to skate well before going for difficult levels.

10. River Crossing – Challenge Your Fears

River Crossing

One of the activities in Manali that is available throughout the year but monsoons is river crossing. The different streams of water present in Manali helps in this sport. It can be quite challenging as one has to cross a river hanging from a rope.

Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate
Best Time To Try: Throughout the year, except monsoon
Where To Try: Van Vihar, Solang Valley
Cost: INR 350
Tip: Leave your boots on when going for river crossing. 

11. Angling – Catch Your Own Seafood


Adventure in Manali is not limited to exciting moments. There are more unique experiences here. One can also try angling on a trip to Manali and day trips can be planned to places like Haripur, Patlikhul and Raison. Guides and equippment are provided as a part of the angling packages and it is a great sport to experience here. One can catch both trouts and mahaseer here.

Adventure Level: Moderate
Best Time To Try: May
Where To Try: Haripur, Patlikhul and Raison
Cost: NA
Tip: Learn how to cast a spinning rod and a bait caster accurately.

12. Snow Scooter – Skid Through The Snow

Snow Scooter Ride at Gulmarg

One of the fun adventure sports in Manali is the snow scooter. This sport has gained quite some popularity and is loved by tourists. These scooters can go upto 2 km and offer one a fun ride. One can either ride their own scooter or have an instructor along to drive while they enjoy the ride.

Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate
Best Time To Try: December to February
Where To Try: Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass
Cost: INR 200 – 1000
Tip: Wear warm clothes that are also waterproof. 

13. Quad Biking – Cross The Varied Terrains

quad biking in solang valley

Looking for more adventures in Manali? Another one of the thrilling activities in Manali for adventure seekers is quad biking. One can ride across various terrains on an ATV or a quad bike and explore the dense forests around Manali. The trails differ according to the package one picks, or the money one pays for the quad bike tour.

Adventure Level: Moderate
Best Time To Try: throughout the year
Where To Try: River Beas, Rocky River Trail, Kiwi Trail
Cost: NA
Tip: Always have a helmet on your head when biking.

14. Camping – Witness A Thousand Stars After The Sun Sets

Night Camping In Jaisalmer

A sport that appeals to every thrill and adventure seeker is definitely camping in Manali. This is that adventure sport that gives one an opportunity to witness something marvelous and improvise their perceptions towards life. Just imaging reaching the summit, chilly winds brushing your skin, sipping on hot cocoa, sitting around a group of friends, and just laughing, singing all night long. This is exactly what Manali has to offer.

Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate
Best Time To Try: May to June
Where To Try: Sethan, Solang Valley, Bhuntar
Cost: INR 1500 to INR 2000 onwards
Tip: Have a mosquito repellent ready.

15. Trekking – Conquer Those Mountains   Trekking1

Image Credits: RobertoSitzia for NeedPix

Trekking is one of the most thrilling sports to try out anywhere. Manali is one destination in the country that never fails to impress in this context. The innumerable trekking trails that Manali has to offer is extraordinary. Be it the snowy mountains of the Himalayas or the lush greens of the jungles, Manali is idyllic to escape the hustle and bustle. Solace and solidarity that exudes from this destination is unmatchable.

Adventure Level: Moderate to difficult
Best Time To Try: May and June
Where To Try: Chandrashila Trek, Tosh Valley Trek, and Kheerganga Trek
Cost: INR 3000 onwards
Tips: Make sure you carry a light backpack while trekking.

16. Ziplining – Swish Through The Jungles


Image Credits: AaronHM for Pixabay

Have you ever imagined yourself whooping amidst the towering trees of a jungle? Manali gives one a chance to cross along the hills and forests with a rope tied on the waist, at a speed that one can only imagine. There are professionals available every spot in order to carry out this thrilling sport without any hindrances. Zipline is one of the most adrenaline rushing and heart pumping adventure sports that one tends to fall in love with.

Adventure Level: Moderate
Best Time To Try: May and June
Where To Try: Solang Valley and Haripur
Cost: INR 1300 onwards
Tip: Wear comfortable clothes. Avoid skirts and dresses.

17. Rock Climbing – Challenge Your Physical Strength

Rock Climbing

Image Credits: NeedPix

Every adventure sport needs one to be physically and mentally strong. Each of them has the capability of getting too overwhelming, too soon for many. One such adventure sport that requires you to challenge your physical strength is rock climbing. It might seem a little difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes one of the most liberating sports you have ever tried. For those who are planning to try mountain climbing, rock climbing becomes a prerequisite. Manali is best for this sport because of the stone elements it offers including shades, chunks, and dividers.

Adventure Level: Difficult
Best Time To Try: April to June or September and October
Where To Try: Solang Valley, Rohtang, Marhi, Gulaba and Dhundi
Cost: Price on request
Tip: Make sure you have your climbing boots on.

18. Cable Car Ropeway – Witness The Miniature Town Below

Cable Car

Image Credits: Giridhar Appaji Nag Y for Wikimedia 

Just imagine soaking in the beauty of the panoramic views of hills from up high above the ground level. In Manali, one can witness the views from around 2000 meters above the ground, thanks to the facility of Cable Car Ropeway. The cityscapes, ferociously flowing rivers, the majestic mountains, the snow transparent bed, and lush greens leave the jaws of spectators dropped to the ground. This might not be as adventurous as other sports mentioned here but this does really keep the heart pumping.

Adventure Level: Easy
Best Time To Try: December to February
Where To Try: Solang Valley and River Beas
Cost: INR 650 onwards
Tip: Do not forget your cameras!

19. Rappelling – Climb Down A Rock


Image Credits: pxfuel

Mostly adventure sports help one get out of their comfort zone in some way or another. Be it mentally or physically, when someone tries to take part in anything adventurous, they should be ready for some hair-raising experience. One such experience that one can try in Manali is rappelling. This sport has slowly gained popularity over the years in Manali. Like rock climbing is going upwards, rappelling is when one is tied with a rope and a harness in order to give them support for climbing down a rock that is steep and broad.

Adventure Level: Moderate to difficult
Best Time To Try: All year round
Where To Try: Solang Valley, Rohtang, and River Beas
Cost: INR 1500 onwards
Tip: Make sure you have a tight grip on rope and the harness.

20. Bungee Jumping – Leap Into The Arms Of Nature

Bungee Jumping

Image Credits: mikefoster for NeedPix

Bungee Jumping is an adventure sport that one can try out 5 kilometers from Manali, in Bahang. While Manali did offer bungee jumping in the early days, the hill was shut down. But this adventure sport can still be enjoyed by those visiting the place as the spot is in the proximity. Just imagine leaping into nothingness, with a massive bundle of green trees down below, forming your view of several hundred shades.

Adventure Level: Moderate
Best Time To Try: January to March
Where To Try: Bahang
Cost: INR 3000 onwards
Tip: Avoid overthinking when you are just about to jump.

Amidst this plethora of Manali adventure sports to choose from, get in touch with your wild side and get going. Plan a vacation to Manali and enjoy staying at this most popular hill station in India. Don’t forget to indulge in these awesome adventure sports in Manali for an enthralling experience. 


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