10 Amazing Hill Stations Near Manali You Should Add In Your Itinerary

10 Amazing Hill Stations Near Manali You Should Add In Your Itinerary

Hill Station Near Manali

Popular Hill Station Near Manali

Here are some of the best hill stations near Manali that you’d love exploring. Check them out!

1. Shimla – 246.2 Km From Manali
2. Kufri – 261 Km From Manali
3. Bir Billing – 156.9 Km From Manali
4. Chail – 294.5 Km From Manali
5. Solan – 262.6 Km From Manali
6. Kasauli – 259.8 Km From Manali
7. Naggar – 21.6 Km From Manali
8. Kullu – 39.4 Km From Manali
9. Manikaran – 80.9 Km From Manali
10. Dalhousie – 324.9 Km From Manali

1. Shimla


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If you have not travelled to this Shimla then, this is your time to think about it now. Known as the ‘Queen of Hill-stations,’ Shimla is one of the sought after hill-stations by a lot of people. The capital city of Himachal-Pradesh also has a lot of other attractions as well. You can spend as much time as you want to in Shimla. The lovely ambiance and the view of the surroundings would make you crave more for this place.

Places to visit:

  • Mall road
  • The ridge
  • Jakhoo

Things to do:

  • Sunset can be really stunning from the Scandal point
  • Going in Shimla toy train is a must when you are here

Distance from Manali: 246.2 km
Best time to visit: November and from March to June
Ideal Duration: 3 Nights/4 Days
Places to Stay: Hotel Willow Bank, Clarkes Hotel, Hotel Marina

2. Kufri


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An unusual snowfall would brighten up the dull soul as well right at first sight. Falling in true love with places is a pretty common thing that every traveler would experience. But, as a commoner, if you want to experience such a beautiful thing then, you must go to Kufri. Kufri has become one of the must-visit hill-stations by a lot of people in the recent past. Watching the transparenty snow play hide and seek with the trees and the earth makes it worth visiting this place.

Places to visit:

  • Himalayan Nature Park
  • Kufri Fun World
  • Mahasu Peak

Things to do:

  • Skiing and horse riding are some of the best activities
  • Yak rides can be an enriching experience as well

Distance from Manali: 261 km
Best time to visit: November to March
Ideal Duration: 1 Day
Places to Stay: Royal Tulip Luxury Cottages, Deventure Shimla Hills Cottages, Karam Vidhata Cottages

3. Bir Billing

Bir Billing

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Taking a trip to a place that can make you feel adventurous can be pretty worthy. Bir Billing is one such place near Manali that can make you relive your childhood dreams of flying like a bird. Located in the ancient Joginder Nagar Valley, Bir Billing is a hub for all the adventure activities. People from around the world visit this place to create moments of magic amidst the serene nature.

Places to visit:

  • Chokling Monastery
  • Bir Tea Factory
  • Deer Park Institute

Things to do:

  • Paragliding and hang gliding can be some of the best activities to do in Bir Billing
  • Visit the Tibetan colony to experience the rich heritage and culture

Distance from Manali: 156.9 km
Best time to visit: April to June
Ideal Duration: 1 Nights/2 Days
Places to Stay: Camp Oak View, Shivirama Camping, Camp Kasbah Bir

4. Chail


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Staying in Chail can give you the feeling of being in the land of wonder because of the mesmerizing nature. The uniformly planted deodar and Pine trees covered with little heaps of snow can be a magical experience. Chail is a place that is known for its world’s highest cricket grounds. People from all over the world come here to experience the royal treatment at the Chail Palace. So, if you are looking forward to something beautiful, cozy, and majestic, then, Chail is the place.

Places to visit:

  • Chail Palace
  • Kali Tibba Temple
  • Chail Sanctuary

Things to do:

  • Chail is known for Camping and nature walking activities
  • Rock climbing and trekking are also some of the other things that you must do when you are in Chail

Distance from Manali: 294.5 km
Best time to visit: April to June
Ideal Duration: 1 Day
Places to Stay: Living Stone Chail, Mountain View Resort, Treehouse Chail Villas

5. Solan


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For the ones who are interested in exploring something wholly untouched and unexplored, you must think of going to Solan. Chail is one of the loveliest of hill-stations filled with a lot of temples and monasteries. Also, Solan is located on the Himachal-Punjab border, and that makes it even more special. The quaint hill-station of Solan is known as the “mushroom capital of the Country” as it is a mass producer of some high-quality mushrooms. Also, Solan is known for its one of the oldest breweries as well. So, don’t you think exploring Solan on your next trip is a must?

Places to visit:

  • Mohan Park
  • Schoolini
  • Jatoli Temple

Things to do:

  • Binge on the best seasonal fruits and roasted corn when you are in Solan
  • Also visiting the sweet-meat shops and eating the fresh cucumber slices can be one of the best experiences here.

Distance from Manali: 262.6 km
Best time to visit: February to May and August to November
Ideal Duration: 1 Day
Places to Stay: Deventure Cottages, Rambling Rose Barog, Doosra Cottage

6. Kasauli


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Kasauli is a gem in the crown of Himachal Pradesh. The fantastic pine and cedar trees swaying from one side to the other to the melody of the wind blowing from the majestic Himalayas are worth seeing. Kasauli has become one of the most favorite destinations for couples these days because of its mystical ambiance. Sink in the vibes of a quiet environment enjoying your own company at this beautiful hill-station.

Places to visit:

  • Mall Road
  • Gilbert trail
  • Manki Point

Things to do:

  • Go shopping in the mall road
  • Listening to the chirping of birds early in the morning and watch the sunset from the sunset point

Distance from Manali: 259.8 km
Best time to visit: April to June and September to November
Ideal Duration: 1 Nights/2 Days
Places to Stay: Scenic Stay, Pleasant Family Suite, Star Guest House

7. Naggar


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The view of the majestic mountains and the effervescent Beas River can be a treat to your eyes. Naggar is one of the hill-stations that are visited by a few of travelers during their visit to Manali. Naggar also can be counted as one of the virgin beauties in and around Manali as a lot of travelers do not go here. But, Naggar has its charm, and for the ones looking for some solitude and “ME” time, this is the perfect hide-out.

Places to visit:

  • Gauri Shankar Temple
  • Nicholas Roerich art gallery
  • Naggar Castle

Things to do:

  • Go to the Naggar castle and understand the history of Naggar
  • Enjoy the beauty of the place and also create memories by clicking some nice photographs

Distance from Manali: 21.6 km
Best time to visit: October and November
Ideal Duration: 1 Day
Places to Stay: Rise Adventure Campsite, Mukul Homestay, Mid Orchard Cottage

8. Kullu


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There is probably no traveler who tourist, who hasn’t heard of this fantastic name Kullu, isn’t it? Yes, this is one of the perfect spots for you to relive and recreate the moments of joy amidst the chilly and snow-capped mountains. The city offers sweeping views of the massive Himalayas, which would be remembered forever. Also, Kullu is one of the most sought-after destinations because of the wide variety of adventure sports it offers to travelers.

Places to visit:

  • Raghunathji Temple
  • Bilji Mahadev
  • The Great Himalayan National Park

Things to do:

  • Attend the festival at the Raghunathji temple that happens in the months of November and December.
  • There are a lot of treks that can make you feel young at heart, try them when you are in Kullu.

Distance from Manali: 39.4 km
Best time to visit: March to June
Ideal Duration: 1 Nights/2 Days
Places to Stay: River Site Guest House, Good Luck Guest House, The Woods Cottage

9. Manikaran


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Manikaran in Himachal-Pradesh not just attracts trekkers and explorers; it embraces Pilgrims too. The most famous Gurudwara, Manikaran Sahib, is situated here, and thus, this is one of the most pilgrim centers for both Sikhs and Hindus. A lot of people come here to take a holy dip in the hot springs that surrounds Manikaran. The three hot springs are abundant with medicinal properties. Thus, Manikaran is one of the most famous hill-stations near Manali that one must plan for a visit.

Places to visit:

  • Kulant Pith
  • Harinder Mountain
  • Lord Ramachandra Temple

Things to do:

  • Explore the hot water springs and understand the science behind it
  • Enrol in a few breath-taking treks from Manikaran to experience the rugged trails of Himachal.

Distance from Manali: 80.9 km
Best time to visit: April, May and June
Ideal Duration: 1 Day
Places to Stay: Apple Garden Camps, River Raga, Serenity Homestay

10. Dalhousie


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Would you be transported to the sixth or seventh-grade geography or history textbooks when you hear this name Dalhousie? Well, this is one of the best places tucked safely in the bosom of the mother earth’s heart. The splendid panoramic views of the lush green surroundings and the beautiful mountains kissed with snow are a pure delight to the pair of eyes. Dalhousie is a real paradise for all nature lovers, and this is also pretty close to Manali.

Places to visit:

  • Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary
  • St. Francis Church
  • St. John’s Church

Things to do:

  • Take a walk in the Garam Sadak and click some amazing photographs of the surroundings
  • Go hiking to some of the nearest hills and catch a glimpse of the beautiful environ

Distance from Manali: 324.9 km
Best time to visit: March to May
Ideal Duration: 2 Nights/3 Days
Places to Stay: Whispering Pines, Smart Hill Kalatop, Shradha Guest House


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