Sikkim Tourism Guidelines 2021 - 2022 Explore Tour

Mandatory requirements for planning visit to Sikkim

Apply For Sikkim Travel Card

1. Although not mandatory while applying for a Travel Card, tourists are recommended to book only those health & safety compliant accommodation units and avail transport and other services from health & safety compliant tour operators and service providers.

2. Tourist visiting Sikkim are required to fill in requisite details in the forms available under the tab for tourists in the Tourism Portal A Travel card can be downloaded after filling all the sections and entering relevant details. 

3. The Travel Card is to be shown at the entry point at Rangpo/Melli. The Travel Card is required to be updated by the tourist themselves or the Hotels or Tour operators or TICs on a day to day basis thereafter during their stay in Sikkim

4. The Travel Card is required to be carried by the tourist at all times, and they may be asked to produce it for verification and checking by designated Enforcement officers deputed for such purpose.

5. Tourists may be fined by the Enforcement Officers if observed to violate the requirements for social distancing, wearing of mask, non-updation of travel card or availing services from non-compliant accommodation units, tour operators/service providers.

**Identification of Health & safety compliant Hotels and Vehicles :
A customized sticker for vehicles and flags / standees or banners for Hotels and accommodation units and for offices of Tour operators and service providers shall be displayed/hoisted in the vehicles/ accommodation units and offices as the case may be.


A. Entry formalities

 1. All tourists visiting Sikkim shall mandatorily register themselves in the State Tourism webportal ( as specified in the Sikkim Tourism Unlock 1.0 SOP/ Guidelines. Travel card shall be mandatory. As per the State guidelines for Covid management, it is advised that persons above the age of 65 years, persons with comorbidities, pregnant women and children below the age of 10 years shall stay at home. 

2. All tourists visiting Sikkim shall mandatorily carry a negative RT-PCR test report, issued within 72 hours prior to entry in Sikkim. (Home Department Order no. 05/Home/2021 dated 11.03.2021). Hotel owners, homestay owners and travel agents to ensure the same (Order dated 10/Home/2021 dated 22.04.2021). This shall also apply to those persons who have already been vaccinated against COVID. 

3. TICs at Rangpo, Melli and Pakyong Airport shall be responsible for checking the Travel Card and RT-PCR report mentioned at Sl. No. 1 & 2 above. 

4. Those tourists whose 72 hours limit of negative RT-PCR test has expired shall undertake Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) at Rangpo, Melli and Pakyong Airport (Home Department Order no. 09/Home/2021 dated 12.04.2021; 2691/DC(E)/2020 dated 23.04.2021) in accordance to the SOP/ Guidelines specified by Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Sikkim (02/H&FW dated 15/04/2021). 

5. In case of positive RAT report of any tourist, he/she, along with all primary contacts shall be kept in quarantine at the paid Quarantine Centers designated by the District Collectors until further tests are carried out as specified in the Health Department SOP no. 02/H&FW dated 15/04/2021. 

6. The travel agencies/ accommodation units shall ensure that the tourist is kept in quarrantine until his/ her RT-PCR report is received. They shall be supported by the district administration, police and health officials in this regard (02/H&FW dated 15.04.2021; Order no. 294/DC(E)/2021 dated 16.04.2021;120/DC(S) dated 15.04.21) 

7. In case of a positive RT-PCR test report, appropriate action as per the existing COVID protocol being implemented by the Health Department shall be ensured, which involves isolation of asymptomatic persons for a minimum period of 10 days. Persons showing symptoms and requiring medical assistance shall be transferred to a COVID facility for further treatment. 

8. All expenses for tests (RAT & RT-PCR), accommodation in Quarantine Centre and treatment shall be borne by the tourists themselves. 2 

B. During your stay in Sikkim 

1. All tourists shall provide correct information regarding their address, stay and travel history. If tested positive for COVID, such tourists and their primary contacts shall mandatorily comply with the directives of the State Government regarding quarantine and isolation. 

2. The National Directives for COVID-19 management issued by the Government of India shall be strictly followed.
 i) Face mask: Wearing of face mask is compulsory in all public places, tourist destinations and during transport.
ii) Social distancing: All tourists must maintain a minimum distance of 6 (six) feet in public places. Shops will ensure physical distancing among customers.
iii) Spitting in public spaces: Spitting in public spaces will be punishable with fine as per Sikkim public Health and Safety (COVID-19) Regulations, 2020. 

3. Tourists are advised to book only those hotels that are following COVID protocols of health, hygiene, sanitation and screening and registered on Sikkim tourism webportal. 
i) Provision of thermal scanning, hand wash or sanitizer at entry or exit points. 
ii) Regular sanitization of the rooms, restaurants, lobby and hotel premises. 
iii) Adherence to social distancing norms within the hotel premises. 

C. While visiting tourist destinations and public places 

1. Ensure that the driver is complying with the directives issued by the State Government vide Sikkim Tourism Unlock 1.0. 
i) Drivers should wear a face mask/ face shields while on duty. 
ii) Drivers should brief the tourists on the dos and don’ts and the standard protocol to be followed by the tourists during their stay/ travel. 
iii) Every vehicle to have adequate hand sanitizers. 
iv) Emergency numbers to be displayed on all vehicles. 
v) All vehicles must have garbage disposable bags. 
vi) Number of passengers in one vehicle not to exceed the prescribed limit as per existing norms. 
vii) Any crowd or gathering at Tourist spots to be avoided by the visitors.


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