First glass bridge built in Rajgir, Bihar, which will feel like walking on clouds: see picture


The art and culture of Bihar has been a center of attraction for foreign tourists since ancient times! People from all over the country and abroad come to the holy earth to understand and know the culture of Bihar and enjoy its beauty here. Apart from this, Bihar has recently done something which has become a center of attraction, a glass bridge has been constructed in Rajgir, Bihar which is very unique and unique in itself.

The Rajgir of Bihar is quite famous for its beauty and mythological stories. Tourists come from all over India and abroad and quench their thirst for knowledge. Recently a glass bridge has been constructed at Rajgir in Bihar which will open to tourists from 2021.

Bridge feature

Hanging between two hills, this bridge is completely transparent, on which you will be able to look around as well as see the beauty under your feet while walking. According to the information received, this bridge has been constructed as a glass bridge of China, which itself is a mish of modern art.

Many places to visit in Rajgir

According to mythological legends, there is an arena of Jarasandha in Rajgir, which is related to the time of Mahabharata! Along with this is the Shanti Stupa of Lord Buddha, which is known for its serene atmosphere due to being situated on the top of the mountain.

Surrounded by seven hills, this place holds its special place in the tourist spots of Bihar which, while being economical, is sufficient to give tourists a pleasant tourist experience.

If you want to come from outside Bihar, then the nearest railway station or airport to reach Rajgir is located in Patna, where train and plane facilities are available from every region of the country! After reaching Patna, the distance of Rajgir is about 80 to 100 kilometers which can be covered in 3 hours.


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