Skydiving In India: 9 Best Locations For Exploring The Skies In 2020-21

Skydiving In India: 9 Best Locations For Exploring The Skies In 2020-21

Top 9 Places For Skydiving In India

So, which one is your pick out of all the above-given skydives? Hold on your breath daredevils ’cause you could go skydiving in India now! Here are the top 9 places for skydiving in India:

Mysore– Karnataka
Deesa – Gujarat
Pondicherry – Tamil Nadu
Aamby Valley – Maharashtra
Dhana – Madhya Pradesh
Hyderabad – Telangana
Aligarh – Uttar Pradesh
Narnaul – Haryana
Bir Billing – Himachal Pradesh

1. Mysore – Karnataka

Nestled at the base of the Chamundi Hills is one of the best places to have the ultimate skydiving experiences in India. Is that a bird, a plane, no it’s you! Make sure you familiarise yourself with all the details regarding skydiving in Mysore before you undertake this feat.
Tandem – INR 35,000 (3 hours)
Accelerated Free Fall – INR 2,50,00 (5-7 days, 10 jumps)
Timings: 7 AM to 9 AM
Suggestions: One full day of ground-training is required to carry out your first solo parachute jump from 4,000ft.
Where to book? Skyriders, Mysore (Website)

2. Deesa – Gujarat

Indulge into the thrill of soaring in the sky at this beautiful lakeside city. It is among the best destinations for skydiving in India that offers all three kinds of jumps. The Sports Authority of Gujarat and Indian Parachuting Federation hosts several skydiving camps here. You’ll surely be treated to some surreal views from up there owing to the gorgeous landscapes in this city.
Static Line Jumps – INR 16,500
Tandem Jumps – INR 33,500
AFF – INR 37,500
Timings: 7 AM
Where to book? Indian Parachuting Federation (Website)

3. Pondicherry – Tamil Nadu

One of the most beautiful towns in the country, enjoy the spectacular landscape here as you free fall from the sky. The camps here offer static line and tandem jumps. Make sure you confirm the prices online before you proceed with the bookings.
Static Jumps – INR 18,000 (1 jump) to 62,000 (5 jumps)
Tandem Jump – INR 27,000
Timings: 7 AM or 9 AM
Suggestions: Carry comfortable and loose clothes and Sports shoes
Where to book? Waltair Escapade Thrills (Website), Skyriders, Mysore (Website)

4. Aamby Valley – Maharashtra

One of the best skydiving places in India, Aamby Valley has to be on every Mumbaikar or Pune folk’s list if they want to engage in this exciting sport. Gaze the stunning landscapes beneath as you freefall in the beautiful valley to enjoy the most thrilling experience of your lifetime. You’ll be treated to gorgeous views as you soar towards the city.
Tandem Jumps
Mon – Thurs – INR 20, 000
Fri – Sun – INR 25,000
Timings: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Suggestions: Aamby Valley only provides Tandem Jumps for now. Carry comfortable and loose clothes and Sports shoes.
Where to book? 360global (Website)

5. Dhana – Madhya Pradesh

Home to an air strip, Dhana hosts many skydiving camps for adventure enthusiasts. Enjoy a freefall from 4000 feet above, gazing at the breathtaking landscape beneath that will be unlike you have ever seen. Don’t forget to capture your skydiving feat on camera.
Tandem Jump
Weekday: INR 35,000
Weekend: INR 37,500
Static Jumps – INR 24,000
Timings: 8:30 AM
Suggestions: Tandem Jump lasts upto 3 hours and can be done without any ground training.
Static line jump course (5 Jumps) lasts from 2 to 3 days.
Where to book? Chimes Aviation Academy ( Website)

Note: Other than monsoons, you can set out to Skydive anytime in the year.

6. Hyderabad – Telangana

Get ready to jump off the plane and fly like a bird at the Nagarjuna Sagar Airport. While exploring Hyderabad, you must take out time and visit the site for skydiving in India to satiate the adventure junkie on you. All the trainers at the airport are licensed by the United States Parachute Association and they will surely take all the measures required for your safety. It’s one of the best places for tandem jumping, and offers an experience similar to that of skydiving in Bangalore.
Cost: INR 19,500
Timings: 8:30 AM – 10 Pm
Suggestions: You should get a video made of your experience and the cost for that is INR 1000
Where to book? Nagarjuna Sagar Airport ( Website)

7. Aligarh – Uttar Pradesh

If you want to try tandem skydiving near Delhi then you should straight away head to Aligarh. From qualified instructors to a thrilling experience, the Aligarh skydiving will surely impress you and is perfect for all adrenaline junkies! Considered as one of the best spots for skydiving in India, Aligarh is located only 3 hours 20 minutes away and you can easily reach by car. Skydiving here is amongst the best activities that bring adrenaline junkies from far and wide.
Tandem Jump – INR 27025
A Jump to Remember – INR 31625
Timings: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Where to book? ( Website )

8. Narnaul – Haryana

Haryana also offers an enthralling skydiving experience at the Bachhod Airstip located in Narnaul. This sport has been initiated by the Haryana Government to promote adventure tourism in the state. So, whenever you are in or around the national capital Delhi, just head to Narnaul in Haryana for this daring expedition!
Static Line Jumps – INR 18,500
Tandem Jumps – INR 27500
Timings: 10 AM to 1 PM (Morning slot) & 2 PM to 5 PM (Afternoon slot)
Where to book? SkyHigh India (Website)

9. Bir Billing – Himachal Pradesh

With the rugged terrains and the jaw-dropping landscapes, Himachal Pradesh is one of the best spots to try skydiving in India. Bir Billing is considered as a great place to give adventure sports a try, including skydiving. The views of lush greens and the rugged mountains from up high in the sky is something that one tends to never forget. Another outstanding spot to try skydiving amidst the mighty hills of Himachal Pradesh is McLeodganj. The pleasant climate is what adds to this experience.
Timings: 7 AM to 6 PM
Suggestions: Practice tandem skydiving before you go for free fall.

Types Of Sky Dives

Skydiving adventure has 3 major types based on the kind of jumps involved in the process. Here are the 3 kinds of sky dives that you can experience:
Tandem Jump
Static Line Jump
Accelerated Free Fall

1. Tandem Jump

With its non-complex technique, Tandem Jump is surely going to be the best choice for skydiving in India 2020. The simplest form of skydiving in India, here you are connected to an instructor via a harness. Both of you jump together using the same parachute and the instructor pulls the cord.

Note: You need only minimal instruction before this jump.

2. Static Line Jump

In this skydive, you are connected with a cord to the aircraft. The parachute automatically opens up post 3 seconds of freefall and in that moment, no action is required from the passenger. If you are planning to try Static Line Jump, make sure you follow all the safety instructions given to you.

Note: The jump is made from only 3000 feet and requires upto 6 hours of training.

3. Accelerated Free Fall

Not for the faint-hearted – this one is the real deal, where you jump without any attachments and free fall. It is one of the most challenging experiences of skydiving in India.

Note: Obviously given the serious nature of this skydive, it requires both classroom instructions and practical training and is done from at least 13000 feet.
Tips For Skydiving In India

Always take prior training, even in a tandem jump.
Wear proper clothes.
Check your gear quality and durability properly before you take the jump.
Check the trainer’s experience certificates.
Make sure the weather is right.
Check the authentic skydiving cost in India before you book online or through an agent.

Do’s and Dont’s For Skydiving

The following are the do’s and don’ts of skydiving you must surely know before heading for one!
Wear comfortable clothes and avoid being fashionable
Don’t panic about your breathing
Don’t have alcohol before going for a dive
Check the weight limit and other guidelines


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