Trekking In Gangtok: 5 Terrific Places For Your Thrilling Expedition!

Trekking In Gangtok: 5 Terrific Places For Your  Thrilling Expedition!

5 Best Spots For Trekking In Gangtok

If you are a thrillseeker and mountains are the love of your life, Gangtok should be on your bucket list. Here is the list of best trails for trekking in Gangtok, Sikkim. Take a look!
  • Yuksom- Dzongri Trek
  • Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
  • Green Lake Trek
  • Varsey Trek
  • Singalila Trek

1. Yuksom- Dzongri Trek

Dzongri trek
Yuksom – Dzongri trek is all about challenging and beautiful trails. This trek is a moderate one and starts from Yuksom. Throughout the trek, you can spot the famous peaks like Kabru, Ratang and more. Crossing marvelous waterfalls, sunset point, and many other tourist attractions, this trek will take you to Dzongri and you will reach its top which is around 15000 feet above the ground. The trek will take around 11 days in which you will come across the popular Khecheopalri Lake where it is believed that the birds don’t let leaves touch the lake. Isn’t it sounding exciting already? Do climb this trail for accomplishing your dream of trekking around Gangtok.
Location: Gangtok
Duration: 11 Days
Level: Moderate
Maximum Altitude: 4572 m

2. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Ready for a therapeutic experience in Gangtok? The next one on the list of trekking places in Gangtok is the Kanchenjunga Base Camp. There is a different level of thrill when you are heading to trek to the third highest peak in the world. A spot for people who are looking for a difficult trek Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is quite challenging and will take around 11 days to complete. The trek will start from Yuksom and while you are trekking you will cross many jaw-dropping sights like the Rathong river, Paha Khola bridge and many more. This trek is perfect for those who would like to try the famous Sikkim Tea at the Tea Gardens.
Location: Gangtok
Duration: 11 Days
Level: Moderate to Difficult
Maximum Altitude: 5181 m

3. Green Lake Trek
green lake trek
Admired by all and known to fewer people, this spot for trekking in Gangtok will offer you 16 days of ultimate bliss. Though the trek is long and difficult, the mesmerizing view will surely take your breath away! Located in Lachen, a small town near Gangtok, the Green Lake is a hidden gem which is situated between the famous mountain peaks of Sikkim. The main attractions of the trek are orchids, rare birds and vibrant flowers.
Location: Gangtok
Duration: 16 Days
Level: Moderate to Difficult
Maximum Altitude: 5049 m
4. Varsey Trek
Varsey trek
Looking for a no sweat trek? With a wonderful view and easy trails, Varsey trek is perfect for those who love admiring nature and seek adventure everywhere but are not up for taking a strenuous trek. A gorgeous trek through steep hills and Rhododendron forests, Varsey is an offbeat trekking destination. Starting at Bagdogra, the trek takes you all the way to Varsey while crossing Gangtok. You will also pass through many tourist attractions like the Institute of Tibetology, Tibetian monasteries, and more. Don’t forget to click classic shots of Rhododendron Flowers on your trek.
Location: Gangtok
Duration: 7 Days
Level: Easy
Maximum Altitude: 3059 m


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