Darjeeling In May is the Best Month to travel: A Guide For A Refreshing Vacation In The Queen Of Hills!

Darjeeling In May is the Best Month to travel: 
A Guide For A Refreshing Vacation In The Queen Of Hills!

Weather In Darjeeling In May

Best Time To Visit 

For tourists, there are two best seasons to visit Darjeeling, one between March to May (i.e. spring & summer), and the other between October to November (i.e. autumn). These are the times when the temperature is pleasantly cool and the sky is usually clear offering lovely views of Kanchenjunga snow peaks. The summer is short from May up to June. 

But by mid-June the monsoon usually sets in and lasts through mid-September. The monsoon can sometimes stretch even up to October. June 15 to September 15 is the time when all national parks and sanctuaries in Darjeeling district (including Singalila National Park, Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and even Neora Valley National Park in Kalimpong area) remain closed to tourists. This is also the animal mating season. During monsoon and immediately thereafter, there are chances of landslides in Darjeeling area... so sometimes the routes get blocked. 

The winter in Darjeeling is from December until February. Winter here can be extremely cold and snow fall is quite regular in the higher reaches of the district such as in Sandakphu. Often even Tiger Hill located only 11kms from the town too experiences snowfall during the winter. 

Tourist footfall in Darjeeling becomes minimum during the winter although many tourists visit Darjeeling during Christmas and New Year time to celebrate the festivities and enjoy the cold. However during winter, the hotels (particularly of budget category) operate with minimum staff resulting in sub-optimal service, and shops and eateries close early. You should carry heavy woolens during this time and ensure that the hotel has proper heating system (preferably including electrical bed warmers so that you can sleep well at nights). 

With spring setting in between March and April, Darjeeling becomes at its best. The rhododendron flowers are at their full bloom and the sky gets clear offering wonderful views of the snow peaks. The temperature also climbs and becomes comfortably cold. Summer too (May to Mid June) is an excellent time to visit Darjeeling. Temperature is very comfortable (you need only light woolens, that too during nights and early mornings) and weather remains clear for great views. Thousands of tourists keep flocking in, hotels get full and shops & eateries operate at full capacity. 

All said and done, it's difficult to precisely predict and rely on Darjeeling's weather. Although you may see a perfectly settled and beautiful weather at one instance, soon cloud or fog can rise from the deep humid valleys and put a white blanket all around. Sometimes you can see flakes of cloud in the sky above you and at the same time some below you at the valley. 

  • Top 10 Things To Do In Darjeeling In May

    Enough about the Darjeeling weather in May and summers, let’s find out what all you can do on your holiday in Darjeeling in May 2020? Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful hill station there is. Do not forget to carry your cameras. Here is a list of all the fun activities and you must take a look at them!
    • Trekking: Adventurous Trails Await You!
    • White Water Rafting: Add Thrill To Your Trip!
    • Paragliding: Conquer All Your Fear!
    • Mountain Biking: Witness The Beauty Of Lush Green Mountains!
    • Toy Train: Travel In Style!
    • Tea Gardens: Plan A Stay
    • Ropeway: Glance At The Miniature City Below
    • Shopping: Splurge Without Guilt
    • Delicacies: Indulge In The Authentic Cuisine
    • Jeep Safari: Explore Singalila National Park

1. Trekking: Adventurous Trails Await You!

This one is for all those who crave for thrill and adventure. Trekking in Darjeeling will surely become your favorite if you head on the trails amidst the stunning hills. There are many treks you can enroll in but the best ones are the trek to Rohini and the Kamala Falls trek. The Kamala Falls trek will take you on a journey where you can witness the marvelous waterfalls, Shiv Temple, Kalijhora Bridge and you can also take a dip into the lake. A visit to Darjeeling is incomplete if you don’t explore the tea estates in the city. The Rohini trek will take you through the tea estates where you can soak in the aroma of authentic tea. Choose the trek which you find enticing enough and go have fun amidst nature.

2. White Water Rafting: Add Thrill To Your Trip!

Rangpo is located in Sikkim and it will take around 2 hours to reach it from Darjeeling. If you want to try rafting then you must head Rangpo as traveling is all about exploring new places. Get ready to experience rafting in the River Teesta and Rangeet, Darjeeling. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, White Water Rafting will surely please the adrenaline junkie in you. Rafting is an activity which you can enjoy in summers and which will make your trip to Darjeeling in May enthralling for sure.
3. Paragliding: Conquer All Your Fear!

Who said you can only witness the lush green hills and tea estate of Darjeeling on foot. Go soak in the impressive views by engaging in paragliding. Your flying trip will take around 10 to 30 minutes and in these minutes you can experience true bliss. The best time for paragliding is in the month of May as the climate is perfect. So, if you are visiting Darjeeling in May, this experience ought to be on your list.
4. Mountain Biking: Witness The Beauty Of Lush Green Mountains!

One of the best things to do in Darjeeling in May is to go for Mountain biking. If you are a thrill seeker then you should definitely try it once. You can look for a mountain biking organizer and enroll with them. They have different packages according to the level you are at. If you need an easy route for biking they will help you with it. Get ready to have an amazing experience!

5. Toy Train: Travel In Style!

Whether it’s summers or any other season, if you are in Darjeeling you must take the toy train ride of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways. This train is a heritage transport and you should not miss this ride for anything else in the world. Go take this ride and get ready to savor the pretty landscapes of this pristine hill station.
6. Tea Gardens: Plan A Stay    

One thing that is a must-add for Darjeeling tour in May are the sprawling tea gardens. Darjeeling is a city that has the fragrance of tea plantations spread in every nook, leaving one in awe. Since tea gardens are extremely close to the hearts of the locals, taking a tour around the tea gardens is a must. But what if we tell you that you can do a lot more than that. There are tea estates that give one an opportunity to stay in the heart of the aromatic greens of Darjeeling. There are numerous comfortable lodgings that will make the experience special. Be it a mansion exuding colonial vibes or a pocket-friendly stay, guests and travelers are spoilt with the choices here. 
7. Ropeway: Glance At The Miniature City Below

Another thing that is a must-try in Darjeeling in May is the ropeway. Just imagine witnessing the stupendous views of the perfectly manicured tea plantations, rolling grasslands, and lush green jungles down below. These scenic views take away the breath of the spectators. Rangeet Valley Cable Car is the service provider for Ropeway in this North Eastern magical town. The cable ride commences from Singamari at 7000 ft and goes all the way down till Singla Bazaar. This 45-minute ride makes every moment in Darjeeling worth every penny spent. 
8. Shopping: Splurge Without Guilt

Darjeeling is a hill station that has something hidden for everyone. From the lively local markets to the streets full of vendors, shopping in Darjeeling is a different experience on its own. The most famous local markets in Darjeeling are Chowk Bazaar, local’s favorite, and the Mall Road, a tourist’s escape. There is a lot that you can find hidden in these street stalls. This is a treasure trove for beautiful jewelry, authentic and spectacular kitchenware, woolen clothing, and the handicrafts that showcase the local craftsmanship to a great extent. When in Darjeeling, one should not forget to spend some money on the famous tea and the prayer flags that are readily available. 
9. Delicacies: Indulge In The Authentic Cuisine

For those who prefer devouring the local dishes made with centuries-old recipes that leaves one drooling. There is no dearth of eateries, food joints, and restaurants on the floors of Darjeeling and hence is heavenly for the foodies out there. There are enough dishes that are a part of the cuisine in Darjeeling that one can easily take a food tour. There is a blend of Tibetan and Nepali cultures that one can taste in the bites of this hill station. Kwati, Aaloo Achar, Sel Roti, Pork Curry, Thukpa, Gundruk, Aaloo Tama, Dal Bhat, Sekuwa, Gobi, and Keema are a few dishes that one should not miss out on their tour to Darjeeling in May
10. Jeep Safari: Explore Singalila National Park 

Darjeeling is home to an exotic wildlife that are worth witnessing. Singalila National Park is one location in Darjeeling where travelers can opt for Jeep Safaris and explore the jungles of this beautiful town, scouting for the majestic wildlife. This National Park blankets stunning Rhododendron Forests and a valley filled to the brim with vibrant orchids. This is the place where one can witness the beautiful species of flora and fauna in Darjeeling. Singalila is home to the rare Red Pandas and the Himalayan Black bear that one should surely spectate on their trip to this hill station. It is nothing less than a paradise for nature lovers and thrill-seekers out there in the world. 
What To Pack?

Darjeeling in the month of May has a pleasant climate. The maximum temperature can go up to 19 °C and the minimum is 11 °C. You can pack cotton clothes for the day time and carry a stole or a jacket for the night as the temperature is low. Don’t forget to carry cash and necessary items like medicines, comfortable shoes, and sunscreen. The hotels where you will stay may require a valid identity document and you must carry your passport and tickets.


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