11 great camping places along the river, living expenses are also in the budget!

11 great camping places along the river, living expenses are also in the budget!

We all love to roam But when have the pockets of us employed people become hot? With the end of the month, there are two thousand and two thousand rupees left in the pocket. What was she naked in and what did she squeeze. And here things are going on around. Knowledge of camping is being shared.

Unless you change your way of thinking, it will remain the same. Therefore it is important to change the outlook. Putting a little mind will solve things.

We are telling you that there are 11 camping places along the river, which are a tourist place in itself. To enjoy these places in free, you need a great tent and holidays from your HR. And yes, read this plan well at the moment, but go for a walk only when the conditions in the world are not safe.

Let's talk about expenses first!

Tent cost

If you are looking to buy tents online then you will get a tent for ₹ 2,000 in which two people can live easily. If you increase the price a little, you can also buy a good company tent.

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11 great camping spots

Then see the 10 most charming riverbank camping sites in India,

1. Rishikesh

Due to the sight of God and being close to the Ganges, there is always a procession of travelers in Rishikesh. Hundreds of travelers also come for camping and rafting.
The weather always cools along the river. They camp out at night and play the night out, play games. In the morning a lot of people also go on rafting.
You must visit Rishikesh as an excellent camping site.

Travelling Expence

By Road - From Delhi you will get direct bus to Rishikesh. It will take you about 7 hours to reach Rishikesh by bus and will cost up to about ₹ 500.

Train route- Direct trains from Delhi to Rishikesh. It will take you about 7 hours and a sleeper ticket for up to ₹ 200.

2. Sharavati, Karnataka

Sharavati is not a place in itself but a river, which starts from Karnataka in the west coast of India and passes close to the Jog Falls. 6 km of Jog Falls You can go camping on the banks of the river Sharavati. You need to carry a camping bag with you.

Trip Expence

Rail route - If you want to reach Bangalore by train, then a little expensive deal will have to be done. You will have to get off at Shivamogga on board the train (fare Rs. 185) which is 88 km from Jog Falls. is far. Go by good bus route.

Bus route - 380 km from Bangalore You will get a bus to reach the waterfall which will cost up to ₹ 800 and you will reach in 8 hours.

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3. Nainital Lake, Uttarakhand

Every year people come to the Nainital lake in Kumaon district of Uttarakhand for camping. You should not just go camping on the clear water Nainital lake. Along with the view, you can also go for rafting on Lake Nainital.

Travel Expence

By Road - To reach Nainital from Delhi, you will get buses which will reach you overnight. The bus fare will be up to ₹ 600.

Train route - About ₹ 200 you will reach Kathgodam from Delhi. This journey will be completed in about 7 hours.

4. Kareri Lake, Himachal Pradesh

Kareri lake in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh has always been a favorite tourist camp for adventurers. Kareri lake is snowed in the year from December to April. But even at this time, the sights here are worth seeing.

10 km from Dharamshala To get away at this lake, you need a camping bag. You can enjoy very beautiful views of the evening by coming here.

Travelling Expence

By Road - A direct train from Delhi will take you to Pathankot. It will take 12 hours and the fare will be around ₹ 350. From here you will get buses to Dharamshala.

Bus route- You can see bus from Delhi to Dharamshala. In about 12 hours you will arrive and it will take about ₹ 800.

5. Rupin River, Himachal Pradesh

You can set up your camp at a place called Dhaula in Uttarakhand.

Apart from camping in the Rupin River, people also go trekking to Rupin Pass in Himachal. You can get all his information by clicking here.

Travel Expence

By Road - You will get a bus from Delhi to Shimla. Rent up to 650 rupees. From Shimla you have to go from Jeep to Rohru. There are also buses from Shimla to Rohru, but in very small numbers. This journey will be completed in 15 hours.

Train route- You will get a train from Delhi to Kalka. Even the sleeper fare is 240 rupees. You will get a bus from Kalka to Shimla. Rent Rs 170. From there you have to go by jeep to Rohru. Assume approximately 15 hours. The total fare will be up to 600 rupees.

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6. Pangong Lake, Leh

Pangong Lake is a very famous lake in Leh. The film Three Idiots was also shot on the banks of this lake. Where Kareena Kapoor gave the demo and said that the nose does not come in the middle. You must have remembered

You can come here for camping. Just keep in mind one thing, here you have to take care of the weather and go camping. Keep in mind that planning to go to Leh for half a year due to cold.

How to reach?

Rail route- You can go from Delhi to Jammu Tawi by train, which is 700 km from Leh. is far. Sleeper fare up to 350 rupees. From here you have to take a bus or cab.

By Road - From Delhi you can go to Leh by bus. Traveling from Manali to Himachal Pradesh tourism buses from Manali to Leh and back to Manali will cost ₹ 6000, which is not much for this journey.

7. Chandratal Lake, Himachal Pradesh

People visiting Himachal Pradesh's Spiti Valley definitely stay for an evening near Chandratal lake. As if for camping, this place is heaven. You must have guessed by seeing the scene.

How To Reach?

Rail route - Joginder Nagar railway station is the nearest railway station to Chandratal lake which is about 290 km. is far. To reach here, you have to change the train at Pathankot. At present, these trains are not running.

By Road - You can go by bus from Delhi to Manali (fare up to Rs. 800) and then by another bus from Manali to Rohtang Pass to Kunzum Pass (fare Rs. 600). From there you will reach the Chandratal lake by cab (fare up to 250). This journey will be about 2 days. Then it will take 2 days to come back too.

8. Teesta River, Sikkim

The Teesta River starts from Sikkim and joins the Brahmaputra River via West Bengal. You can easily go camping in Namprik village of North Sikkim.

How To Reach?

Rail route - via Kolkata, you reach the nearest railway station Jalpaiguri. From there you will have to reach your destination by car or bus. The ticket from Kolkata to Jalpaiguri will be available for up to ₹ 350 and it will take around 14 hours to reach.

By Road - It will take you about 15 hours to reach here from Kolkata. Fare up to ₹ 800.

9. Kolluru, Andhra Pradesh

You can also come for camping in Kolluru. By looking at the place, you can know that this place adjoining the Godavari river is good for camping and to see the place.

How to Reach?

By Road - Direct bus will be available from Bangalore to Kolluru, which will take you about 16 hours. The cost will come to ₹ 1200.

Rail route- You can catch trains from Bangalore to Tenali. From there you will get a bus to Kolluru. The cost will come to around ₹ 700 and the journey will be completed in about 13 hours.

10. Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh

Gandikota, situated on the banks of the Penna River, can be a great tourist spot for your camping. You must have seen pictures of this place many times on Discovery Channel. By reaching this place, you will also get an idea of its specialness.

How to Reach?

Rail route - The nearest railway station to Gandikota is Jamalamadguru which is about 17 km. is far. For here you can see the train from Tirupati or Bangalore. You will have to change trains at Yeraguntla. Tirupati will take you about 7 hours. The total fare will be Rs 310 (Tirupati to Yeraguntla 170 rupees + Yeraguntla to Jamalamadguru 140 rupees).

By Road - For Gandikota you can go through National Highway 7. It is about 250 km from Bangalore. is far. It will take you about 8 hours from your vehicle. The fare will be around ₹ 700.

11. Pavana Lake, Maharashtra

If you have a camping plan in Maharashtra, then you can go camping on the banks of Lake Pavana in Lonavala, Khandala.

How To Reach?

Rail route: Trains go from Mumbai via Lonavla every day. The sleeper fare is up to ₹ 150. You can easily reach in 2 hours.

By Road - Direct buses from Mumbai continue to Lonavala. Fare up to ₹ 200. Time 4 hours.

These are the 11 famous places in India, where neither you have to book a hotel, nor have to face any other headache to see the sights. If you also know of any place along the river, where camping is unsurpassed, then share with us in the comment box.


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